Markins Ball Head Q-Ball Q20i w/o Quick Release

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Markins Q20i without quick release

This Q20 comes without the quick release. You can mount a 3rd-party quick release clamp, such as RRS on this head connecting to its 3/8-16 UNC tap shaft.
This high-capacity ball head has an astonishing load-to-weight ratio of 78:1. It takes a load of 50kg (99 lbs) while only weighting 450 grams (1.28 lbs). This is an improvement of over 50% compared to other manufacturers (typical load-to-weight ratio of 20:1 to 50:1) With this terrific load-to-weight ratio, you can use one and the same head for all of your cameras, no matter if 35mm, medium or large format cameras.

The Markins Q20i is probably the winner in its class of pro ball heads. It is a sturdy ball head with great control and smooth operation. Never before has a ball head been so light and yet able of taking such loads with ease. The Markins Q20i belongs on any serious photographer and professionals must-have list. As with all Markins products, it has a beautiful finish.

Fingertip control
You adjust the integral tension limit dial with the fingertip according to the weight of your gear. Now, the Progressive Friction Control (PFC) knob, using a unique triple bi-axial mechanism locks your heaviest equipment at a quarter of a turn. This triple action sliding cam construction securely clamps the ball while still letting you easily slide your camera in any position. A self-hold function prevents unexpected movement or drops.

Few, robust controls make the system easy to work with and operation in gloves is not an issue, something important for the outdoor photographer. With the smooth panning base you track moving objects with ease and the pan index at the base helps panorama stitching.

Tough beauty
The hard anodized Q10i and Q20i ball heads are extremely resistant to scratching and have a beautiful, silky finishing. The heads come in Black matte color.

The compact ball heads Q10i and Q20i are self-cleaning, self-lubricating made out of ultra durable 7075-T6 Duraluminum and are virtually maintenance free.

Compatible connection plate system
The Markins quick release shoe connection system is compatible with Kirk, Arca Swiss, Foba, RRS, Wimberley and all industry standard dove tail plates. Plates for most camera brands and tele-lenses such as Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Hasselblad, Mamiya and generic plates for other systems are available.

Click on this link for a Users Guide and Technical Data Sheet in pdf file format.

You may want to peek at some notes on Mounting a new ball head to your tripod.

All Markins products come with a three year warranty.

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Plate compatibility chart (Adobe PDF)

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