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Pro Gear For Your passion!

Markins Ballheads
-10% discount

The absolute sharpness of the landscapes and architectural images we admire, has a lot to do with the rock steadiness of the camera while shooting. To obtain it, a sturdy tripod and an unmovable tripod head are a must. Having a ball head therefore meant to be at least halfway towards the professionals level in terms of camera support, adding to vibration reduction, ease of use in the field and equipment safety. Get -10% discount for all high performance professional ball heads from Markins with this code, valid until 15th of January 2018:   


Gitzo Big Foot

- All terrain vibration absorbing foot for mud, snow or sandy surfaces 
- Set of 1 or 3 - 50mm big feet tripod or monopod accessory
- Integrated ball for full contact with the ground
- Compatible with all 3/8" thread legs
Lightning & Motion Trigger

 - Fits for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olypus
- Lightning mode triggers camera for lightning, fireworks or gunshots.

- Motion mode triggers camera when motion is detected (wildlife photography)

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Griff für Markins Einwegeneiger, BV-Head
Pan Bar for

 - Fits for BV-24 and  BV-14
- Easy operation of BV-Head handle
-  Comfortable handle grip

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  OpTech Rainsleeve  
  Kamera_Regenschutz für DSLRSet of 2  
  - Clear polyethylene protects a SLR camera, lens and shoe-mounted flash from any unexpected weather conditions
- Designed for handheld use or tripod application
- Eyepiece opening adapts to most viewfinders for viewing through the lens

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Pro Gear For Your passion!

L-bracket for Nikon D850
from Markins

The LN-850 L-Bracket for Nikon D850 from Markins is a modular two-piece design,
with anti-twist flanges that do not permit the camera from moving within the bracket.
With its Arca-type compatible dovetail, it enables the camera to mount in a vertical or horizontal
position when shooting together with a tripod and tripod head.

Quick Release Plate PN-850 for Nikon

- Arca-swiss compatible camera plate from Markins for Nikon D850
- With two safety, anti-twist Pins

- Light-weight
- Low-profile
- Strong enough to support your camera and lens system

- Dimensions: 8.0cm x 4,7cm x 1,1cm
 - Weight: 57g

Berlebach Leveling Base

Leveling your camera equipment for specific projects (such as
panoramas) isn’t always an easy or fun job. These
levelling bases are inspired from ball heads, but are much easier and
lighter to use!

- Very smooth and easy circular levelling
- The offset position of the spirit level bubble, which makes it easy to
read in every position

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Gura Gear Bataflae 18L

The Gura Gear BATAFLAE 18L is a backpack designed for photographers, by photographers on safaris,
touring the world and shooting at home. As aconsequence it is very comfortable, durable, and carries a lot of gear.

Special price!
While stocks last!

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  L-bracket for Canon 6D Mark II  
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Now in stock!


The L-bracket for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II has a patent pending vertical arm that can swivel to the side, allowing full movement of the LCD display screen, by simply loosening the bolt with the built in hex wrench.
This L-bracket is designed to be used with the Canon wired shutter release when used in traditional configurations.

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Pro Gear For Your passion!

Markins Tripod Hub TH-230

The TH-230 tuning kit fits Series 2 & 3 Gitzo Mountaineer and Series 3 & 4 Systematic tripods.

- Designed to replace the factory installed hub
- Precision machined from a single block of airplane grade duralumin
- Enhances stability and reduces vibration
- Reduces the weight and size for better portability


Now you can get all Markins ballheads also with the new panorama plate, which is useful not only for panorama photography.

- Built-in bubble level and safety stopper
- Indexed marks every 5 degrees
- Quick-Turn style compact knobs
Markins L-bracket for
Hasselblad X1D

- Made of highest quality duralumin.
- Hand strap hole.
- Scratch resistant
- Hard-anodized surface
- Safe and ergonomically rounded corners and edges
- Extra 1/4" hole for a monopod.
- Compatible with other major manufacturers' Arca-Swiss style clamps.

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  Quick Release QR-60N  
- Lightweight with durability, made of the highest quality duralumin for aircraft machinery
- Dove-tail type quick shoe can be interchangeably used with any industry standard Arca-Swiss type camera plates
- With quick turn knob and 3/8" mounting hole
- Stopping bolt pin added in the quick release shoe platform to further prevent plates from accidental sliding-off

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  Titanium Spikes
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Rocket RS23
  The Markins Titanium Spikes for Gitzo GT tripods are not only elegant and efficient but posses ultimate extremely durability

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