HB1 1/4" Screw - hexagonal hole head

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HB1 1/4" Screw - hexagonal hole head

  • Replacement screw for your camera and lens plates

  • By having an hexagonal hole head, it allows for better and faster attachment of plates with a standard hexagonal 5/32" (4 mm) Allen wrench, instead of having to carry a screwdriver, or providing an insecure attachment with a coin.

  • Made of special hard alloy stainless-steel, a special dedicated die is used to manufacture this replacement screw

  • An extra pitch (turn) provides stronger fastening (3.5 vs 2.5 pitch).

  • Tougher quality controls allow for no more than 0.03 mm deviation from the perpendicular axis, compared to standard screws with 0.1 mm deviations or more

  • Its head is 22% larger than standard screws, providing extra force to resist separation (12mm vs 9.8mm diameter)

  • For added peace of mind and more secure attachment