1x Tripod Leg Wraps - Size 1,5"

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Nikonians OP/TECH TRIPOD LEG WRAPS™ Limited Edition. Each leg is individually wrapped to protect the legs against damage, to give you added comfort against shoulder fatigue and to keep the cold metal legs "under wraps" and away from your skin. The durable Cordura® leggings are stretched snugly over the foam pads to form a seamless, comfortable fit.

If you don't know which legwrap size fits your tripod, do like this:

  1. Measure the wrap-around size of the thickest leg section
  2. Divide this by pi (3.1416)
  3. You now have the diameter of that leg section

The diameter of the leg wraps can be stretched by approx 0.2 inches (5mm). You should always pick a leg wrap size that is smaller than the diameter of the thickest section (the leg wrap should then be max 0.2 inches/5mm smaller) to get a snug fit.

1" / 25.4mm set of wraps fits tripods such as: Manfrotto 190, 190SH, 190NAT (Bogen 3001 series)
Gitzo G1227, G1228, G2220, G2227, G1257, G1258
GT2530, GT2530EX, GT2530LVL, GT2540, GT2540EX, GT2540LVL, GT2540G, GT2541L and Manfrotto 055 series.

1 1/4" / 31.75mm set of wraps fits tripods such as: Bogen 3021, Gitzo G1325, G1327, G1338, G1348, Inter Pro Studex Models # 340, 341, 342, 345, 346, 347. Gitzo GT3530, GT3540L, GT3530S, GT3530LSV, GT3540LS the new Gitzo GT3531, GT3541L, GT3531S, GT3531LSV, GT3541LS.

1 1/2" / 38.10mm set of wraps fits tripods such as: Manfrotto #132X Slik Professional and Slik Professional SP Pro Studex # 415R, #415C, #418R, #418C, #410R, #410C, #413R, #413C Tele Studex #510R, #510C, #505R, #505C, #508R, #508C, #500R, #500C, #504R, #504C, #501, #502, #506, #507, #509, #515

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