Windbag Pro - Window camera stabilizer

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Windbag Pro

Even in the digital age, blurred pictures still happen. The Windbag Pro is the first truly light weight and portable camera stabilizer. It is completely unique in its design and avoids any camera shake while shooting out of your car.

The Windbag successfully increases the width of the 4mm vehicle glass to 90mm,
providing a very sturdy base for the suede bean bag to rest on and the cushion the
lens (or binoculars).

Any budding wildlife photographer or keen bird photographer should keep a Windbag
Pro in their car, ready for that once in a lifetime shot.

Windbag is suitable for all camera and lens brands, as well as binoculars.

In the field of car window lens, camera or binocular support, the Windbag Pro reigns supreme.

  • developed, tested and manufactured in South Africa
  • small, lightweight, handy, fits for all standard car windows
  • allows a quick change of position, so that no image will lost
  • easy to mount, just  to clamp on the car window
  • has two parts, a Persplex holder for the car window and a washable bag 18 x 13cm which will be filled with filler
  • no filler with the delivery
  • rice, beans, peas, sand ets. could be used as filler
  • the filler will be filled into a supplied plastic pouch, tucked into the bag and  closed with a zipper
  • the bag will be attached with a Velcro to the Persplex holder
  • very suitable for various photo tours, wildlife photography or simply for snapshots in the city
  • very good price-performance ratio

The great advantage of the Windbag over other mounts is that it can be left on the window whilst driving – ready for instant use, unlike other mounts which require assembly prior to use. This is a huge plus when driving in  game and safari parks as the appearance of an animal is instant and requires an equally instant response to capture the image.

This would apply equally to birdwatchers who need a rapid response to a sighting.


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