SpiderPro Handstrap black

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SpiderPro Handstrap black

Groundbreaking Features, Beautiful Design, Great Functionality.

In a world of camera hand straps that simply do not work, the SpiderPro Hand Strap is set far above the rest – it’s groundbreaking concepts and features, functionality, and beautiful design, mark a paradigm shift in how a hand strap should look, work, and function. Our hand strap is designed for professional camera bodies and shooting environments, and it’s performance and ergonomics are simply unparalleled.

Pro Features

  • Adjustable to any size wrist.

  • Compatible with extended battery pack/vertical grips.

  • Puts your hand in a perfect shooting position.

  • Compatible with any tripod or Spider plate.

  • Clear access to your memory card slots and battery door.

  • For cameras with and without battery grip

Universal Compatibility

The SpiderPro Hand Strap is truly universal: thin but extremely durable material slides IN BETWEEN the camera body and the tripod plate – ANY plate – so you don’t have to buy/replace your own.

Thoughtfully Designed

The camera slot connection is carefully designed and crafted from proprietary materials that allow BOTH a sound connection to the camera body (so you can slide your hand in/out) and flexibility so you can reach your camera’s back controls.

Curved Shape

The SpiderPro Hand Strap’s unique “S” is the only strap designed to allow clear access to the battery door and memory card slots.

Superior Support

The SpiderPro Hand Strap’s combination of design and materials provides real weight support in the correct place on your hand: over and above your knuckles, and close to your wrist. The curved shape also positions your hand in a perfect shooting position (45 degrees to the camera body) allowing you to reach the trigger and all other controls.

Maximum Comfort

Our proprietary hand strap materials, including genuine leather, “remembers” and curves to the shape of your hand, providing a high degree of functionality – especially important for users with camera bodies without a vertical grip. High-quality memory foam on the inner side of the strap provides greater comfort over longer periods of time.

Wrist strap included

Our hand strap ships with an optional leather wrist strap. Snap on the wrist strap for extra support and security when you need it.


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