Markins Camera Plate PG-50 for Nikon and Canon with BG

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Markins Quick Release Camera Plate PG-50 for Nikon and Canon with Battery Grip

The Markins PG-50 is a bi-directional plate.
With big radius flange for round type bodies.
This is one of the most versatile body plates. Very popular.

Fits, among others:

  • Nikon D1

  • Nikon D1X

  • Nikon D1H

  • Nikon D2H and Nikon D2Hs

  • Nikon D2X and Nikon D2Xs

  • Nikon D3

  • Nikon D3x

  • Nikon D300 with MB-D10

  • Nikon D600/D610 with MB-D14

  • Nikon D700 with MB-D10

  • Nikon D800/D800E with MB-D12

  • Nikon D7000 / D7100 / D7200 with MB-D11

  • Nikon D90 with MB-D80

  • Nikon D200 with MB-D200

  • Nikon D100 with MB-D100

  • Nikon F6 with MB-40

  • Nikon F5

  • Nikon F100 with MB-15

  • Nikon F4e (F4 with MB-23)

  • EOS-5D MK III with BG-E11 Grip

  • Canon EOS 300D with BG-E1

  • Canon EOS 350D with BG-E3

  • Canon EOS 400D with BG-E3

  • Canon EOS 450D with BG-E5

  • Canon EOS 5D with BG-E4

  • Canon 5D MK III with BG-E11 Grip

  • Canon EOS 7D with BG-E7 Grip

  • Canon EOS 1 and Canon EOS 1n with grip

  • Canon D30 and Canon D60 with grip

  • Canon EOS 5 with grip

  • Canon EOS 400D with grip

  • Canon EOS 1D and Canon 1Ds

  • And others, like the Kodak DCS760c and Fuji S3

Anti-twist flange effectively prevents from any pivoting between the plate and cameras and/or lenses.

International standard dove-tail plate, made of highest quality duralumin, it is light-weight, has a low-profile, ans is strong enough to support your camera and lens system.

Dimensions: 52W×53L×14.5H mm
Weight: 37 grams / 1.3 oz

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