Kirk L-Bracket Universal Short with Quick Release

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Kirk L-Bracket Universal Short with Quick Release

The new universal quick release L-brackets are primarily designed for cameras that do not have custom made L-Brackets. This new design is manufactured in two sizes; the QRLB-S is for the Point and Shoot cameras and the shorter body DSLR’s. The QRLB-T is designed for the taller camera bodies or DSLR’s with the additional power grips attached. Both QRLB’s will require any brand of arca-swiss style Camera Plate. Both L-Brackets comes as a kit allowing the user to mount the quick release clamp with the tightening knob towards the front or the back. The 3” quick release clamp also allows the photographer to slide their camera tight to the l-bracket or away from it allowing access to the accessory ports on the side of the camera.

  • Custom-made L-bracket machined from lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum.

  • Quick-release clamp allows camera to remain centered over tripod when switching from horizontal to vertical.

  • Comes as a complete, easy-to-assemble kit, with instructions.

  • May be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position, without having to flip tripod head.

  • Allows full access to accessory ports.

  • Allows use of camera strap.

  • Quick Release Knob may be mounted towards the front or back of the camera body according to the user's preference.

  • Height from the top of the side l-bracket to the base of the quick

  • Weight: 9oz

" Get an L-bracket
If you area keen tripod user, an L-bracket can make a massive difference. It allows effortless switching from horizontal to vertical framing, keeping all the weight on top and the lens in the same position. It´s far better than flipping the head 90 degrees, which can seriously unbalance the tripod and compromise stability"
(Article from Advanced Photographer UK)

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