Nikonians Pro Strap

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The Nikonians Strap is the first choice for professional photographers using any Nikon camera, up to pro bodies with long heavy lenses. The Nikonians Pro Strap is so sturdy and safe, that you do not have any problems wearing the big Nikon D2H, D2X, D300, D700 or D3 with an AF-S Nikkor 70-200 using it.

If you have previously been using an unflexible non-stretch strap, you will be amazed how much comfort you have been missing. With this strap your gear will instantly feel lighter. The weight is evenly dispersed while the strap functions as a shock absorber to eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue. The Non Slip Grip enables your camera gear to be safely carried slung over the shoulder.

Our Pro Straps are made by OP/TECH USA, famous for their high-quality manufacturing. You may have seen it labelled for other famous brands, but ours is the only one with the true touch :-)

The strap comes with a male-female 3/8 inch webbing connector and is adjustable from 28-1/2 inch to 56-1/2 inch. The color of the neoprene is black and the strap itself is black, printed with our logo (text) in orange (on black neoprene). This is the only place where you can get this classy looking, unique strap.

  • Most comfortable to wear
  • Safe, non-slip
  • Fits most cameras
  • Easy to attach
  • Safe quick-connects
  • No metal parts that could mar finish
  • Very light
  • One size fits all
  • Fully adjustable
  • Nikonians logo only
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